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Though at this point many of the principal Patriot leaders fled Canada for exile in the US, the resistance to the British was not yet over. By taking elements from several different schools of thought and using them to explain the actions of individual classes to there distinct problems it is possible to gain a better understanding of 1837 rebellion essay help true nature of these rebellions.

The economic crisis that dominated upper and Lower Canada also played a large part so commerce scholars will be included as well. Governor, Sir Francis Bond Head. The Canadian Rebellions of and The research in this proposal primarily focuses on the rebellions that took place Cause and Effect: Seeing that defeat was inevitable, Nelson fled the scene for the US and, with this; the Patriots Rebellion came to an end.

He believed the French people of Lower Canada held a high level of animosity towards the English, and the only solution to the problem was the assimilation of French culture into the soon to be larger British society.

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The Canadian Rebellions of and The 1837 rebellion essay help in this proposal primarily focuses on the rebellions that took place Cause and Effect: An important part of this proposal is dissecting the theories of historians, economist and political scientist from a wide range of diverse ideologies.

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Political unrest developed in both Upper and Lower Canada soon after the War of In May of he decide that he could run a newspaper and started the Colonial Advocate, in Queenstown, which was a newspaper which served as an opposition position to the group known as the family compact who were firmly in power in Upper Canada.

The results of these rebellions are more black and white in comparison to establishing the causes Coates, In he travelled to London to make a persona appeal to the British Government concerning the grievous state of affairs in Upper Canada and was received with courtesy and a genuine sympathy.

Other sources will include scholarly internet sources, database articles, history text books and online journals. The American Revolutionary War ofthe French Revolution of —99, the Haitian Revolution of —, the Irish Rebellion of and the rebellions in Spanish America —25 were inspired by republican ideals, [1] [2] [3] but whether the rebels would have gone so far as to usurp the Crown remains a subject for historical debate.

Was there no other way to settle this matter?

The Rebellions Of Upper And Lower Canada

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Political unrest developed in both Upper and Lower Canada soon after the War of Finally, The Rebellion Losses Bill. These farmers barely survived widespread crop failures in —37, and now faced lawsuits from merchants trying to collect old debts.

With the union of these two colonies into one state Upper Canada had the most to gain. It seems evident that individual people reacted to the problems that affected them in a certain way. The assembly was elected by the people and mostly composed of French Canadians. Liberal Nationalist scholars support the idea that the rebellion was an attempt to gain independence from Britain Creighton Colin Read suggest multiple causes for the rebellion including individual family ties and loyalties, as well the rebels ignorance of the militia might.

The Durham Report was not well received in Lower Canada because it proposed to gradually force the French to assimilate into English.

1837 Rebellion

Many factors played a role in these rebellions including the agricultural crisis, rise of nationalism, desire for an independent state, the corrupt seigniorial system, an unresponsive government not willing to cooperate, as well role of individual personalities and class struggles.

Did lives have to be lost for this matter to come to a conclusion? People in West Canada disliked the idea of their tax money going to the helping of East Canada so were furious but the majority of Lower Canada agreed to the Rebellion Losses Bill.

In Upper Canada, 2 very motivational people attempted to help the cause. To solve the problem, Durham proposed to unite Upper and Lower Canada, as the English party had previously suggested. In Upper Canada the leading elite know as the Family Compact had a stranglehold on the Executive Council which in turn held a profound influence on the colonies governor Outlett, Papineau did not call for open revolt, though others, like the Anglo-Canadian Dr.

The Rebellion of 1837

His writings were always witty and controversial but that is what made them exciting. We would not be a province, nor would we have a Canadian democracy.The Causes for the Rebellion of Essay - The Causes for the Rebellion of The rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada were in the interests of self-government but were doomed to failure from their beginning.

The Rebellion of was extremely significant on achieving responsible government. Without the events that happened during the time of the Rebellion ofCanada to this day would not be a province and we would not have a responsible government.

 The rebellion of were armed uprisings that took place in Upper and Lower Canada, which is now Ontario and Quebec, in to The two rebellions had similar causes. The British believed the lesson of the American Revolution was to restrain the power of the people.

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Rebellions of 1837–1838

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